Customers Success

TFORM provides the foundational information that empowers technology executives to conduct detailed analysis and to execute on that analysis in accelerated timeframes and with greater levels of success. Here are a few of our recent projects that illustrate the many ways that strategic-thinking leaders incorporate TFORM for the greatest value.


Enterprise Data Center Migration

A global managed service provider used the TFORM Enterprise Asset Discovery Module as the foundation of its data collection and analytics engine. TFORM was deployed within 30 days and immediately started polling the on-premises data center. TFORM collected asset and communication data that was used to develop migration affinity groups. Once the dependencies were visualized and understood, each migration group was managed as a discrete project workstream. This allowed the customer to more accurately define, and confine risks associated with each migration group.


Vulnerability Remediation

Our client runs TFORM perpetually in the environment to continually update their CMDB and to analyze any evolving vulnerabilities. They use reconcile their known configurations with the TFORM Vulnerability Database to identify risks as they occur and to notify responsible teams of potential remediation actions. This has limited the amount of ‘drift’ the client has experienced by keeping up to date on risks to Security and Compliance.

Business Impact Analysis

During this project, our client engaged our professional services group to analyze the application mapping data and develop a means of scoring the impact of each device and system based on a common set up criteria such as:

  • Financial Impact
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Regulatory Impact

Once our team had collected the relevant details using TFORM Enterprise Asset Discovery and visualizing the system dependencies, we interviewed authoritative stakeholders to assign objective scores and create an impact matrix. This matrix now defines their Business Continuity Planning through the use of objective and consistent data and experienced analysis.


Cloud Maturity Roadmap

Our client runs TFORM perpetually in the environment in order to maintain a consistent and accurate CMDB of assets and configurations. Our professional services team utilized the historical data in their TFORM repository to understand the configurations, capacity and scalability of each asset and system. By understanding the historical growth, typical usage and current configuration posture, our team was able to utilize our differentiated Cloud Maturity Model to assign a maturity level to each system. Applications were placed on a disposition spectrum based on their readiness and feasibility to migrate to the cloud as an IaaS, PaaS or SaaS service. When necessary, our team used TFORM data and best practice recommendations to identify methods of remediating systems to make them suitable for their journey to cloud.