Real time insights that support hybrid digital infrastructure management.

Reveal your path to modernization with Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management

See everything you have, its health, where it’s operating, how it’s connected and who owns it. Know when to retire, consolidate or migrate workloads and assets based on utilization and inter-dependencies. Quickly address vulnerabilities, enabling you to successfully mitigate business risks. Monitor all of the below – from one dashboard.


See all the devices you have and their interdependencies


Visualize your storage allocation from SAN to NAS and beyond


Optimize your dependency mapping and internal/external connections


Triage and resolve security and compliance threats with ease


Consolidate and migrate with confidence


See cost optimization recommendations including software licensing

Threat monitoring and prioritization

TFORM shows you the severity of each threat in a way that allows you to act, and it prioritizes the vulnerabilities requiring immediate remedial solutions.

Cost optimization recommendations

TFORM can improve efficiency, productivity and security all while reducing costs. Use intelligent technology to get the most out of your existing resources including right-sizing your infrastructure and automating future responses using prescriptive operational intelligence.

Intelligent workload and cloud migrations

Use TFORM to map out a comprehensive migration plan from end-to-end, regardless of configuration or degree of complexity.

Presentation ready visuals

When data is presented in context, you can tell a story about what’s happening in the environment. You no longer have to make decisions based on assumptions. Know for sure with a single source of truth. Aggregate data from disparate toolsets to tell one story in one view. TFORM enables IT Ops teams to understand the impact of what they discover.