Product Overview

Features and Capabilities

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Whether it is public or private, the cloud has added a significant dimension to the enterprise. To accurately measure the value of those dimensions, technology leaders require a robust suite of tools to analyze and manage their complete IT Ecosystem as it exists today and what it will look like in the future. With TFORM’s ability to determine the disposition of workloads in a public or private cloud form factor you can determine what the impact will be of transitioning an application or a server to the cloud. TFORM allows you to map out a comprehensive, end-to-end migration plan, regardless of configuration or degree of complexity.

Enterprise Asset Discovery

IT tools live and die by their ability to discover the most assets, applications, or vulnerabilities. If your Asset Discovery engine is not robust the view of your IT Ecosystem has a blind spot that could cost your company later. Managing a complex and sophisticated infrastructure necessitates representation and visualization of the IT Ecosystem. TFORM collects and visualizes the complete technical landscape including physical and logical assets. TFORM also aggregates data from disparate toolsets to tell one story in one view enabling IT Ops teams to understand the impact of what they discover.

Vulnerability Management

Security and compliance have never been more important to the organization. Which is predicated on an Encyclopedic and Targeted scan of your environment to ensure you know where all your vulnerabilities lie. TFORM offers a vulnerability management suite that utilizes a comprehensive and modern vulnerability database. TFORM shows you the severity of each threat in a way that allows you to act and prioritizes the vulnerabilities requiring immediate remedies.es.


Application Dependency Mapping

As the IT Ecosystem evolves over time, it can become complicated to understand the interaction between devices or complete systems. Batch processing, SQL calls, FTP jobs and other communication can become lost in the noise of the routine function of the environment. Technology leaders need to have a means of identifying and understanding that communication to ensure that critical business functions are maintained as the landscape evolves. TFORM collects the connectivity details between conversation pairs, allowing you to understand application connectivity as well as business dependency.

We Integrate with Your Ecosystem

TFORM is API-based and agentless, so it integrates seamlessly into the infrastructure. Technical leaders can quickly utilize the detailed information provided by the suite of tools to establish a depiction of the current landscape and the ability to make data-driven decisions that are consistently updated as the tools continue to interrogate the infrastructure for intentional changes and unintended drift