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TFORM is a sophisticated suite of tools that were developed by technology professionals for technology professionals. While this suite of tools is intuitive and easily managed, our team has developed each module because of direct and consistent collaboration with our customers. Our professional staff can be called upon to support customer projects in concert or completely on behalf of our customers. Browse our enhanced services below to see how we can augment your staff or enhance TFORM to achieve your project goals.

Cloud Roadmap

Cloud transformation requires understanding the composition of the systems and applications to be deployed in the cloud. You will need an application that supports a technology professional to develop a plan to achieve your desired results. Let our DAG Cloud Team interrogate your environment, capture the relevant attributes, and use our best practices to recommend the disposition of the current devices and systems in a way that minimizes disruption and maximizes project value.


Vulnerability Remediation

Risk reduction is at the forefront of every organization. TFORM is updated against the National Institute of Science and Technology’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The NVD includes databases of security checklist references, security-related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, and impact metrics. TFORM reconciles the collected data against the NVD vulnerability database to provide actionable insights and create a robust security posture.


CMDB Development and Reconciliation

Databases of technical inventories and configurations are rarely perfect, typically stale and inaccurate. Managing healthy infrastructure requires a current and accurate repository of assets and configurations as well as an understanding of the entity relationships. TFORM provides the level of detail that technology leaders require and our team of experts at DAG can use the TFORM product in concert with DAG services to collect and maintain an accurate view of the infrastructure, so you are never caught unaware by technical drift.


Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis predicts the consequences of disruption to a business function or process and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies. Operations may also be interrupted by the failure of a supplier of goods or services or delayed deliveries. Using TFORM Data Collection and our
impact rating matrix, the team at DAG can develop a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis that helps your team to minimize disruption and target investment to optimize resiliency.


Lifecycle and Asset Management

Lifecycle Management is an ongoing process of documenting the current environment and acting on obsolescence. Our DAG professionals have experience documenting the most heterogeneous environments and identifying systems that are at or nearing obsolescence. Perpetually running TFORM will assist in recognizing technology drift and technical debt. Our experienced strategists can develop a remediation plan to improve the lifecycle posture of the infrastructure.


Technical Business Management

Technology is no longer simply an enabler of business value; it is often the product or service that in itself becomes the business value. With the advent of cloud technology, businesses have begun to acknowledge that the goals of IT are far more than creating user access, maintaining technical assets and offering back-office functions. Today’s IT departments are expected to create the foundation for a successful enterprise business. TFORM is ideally suited to identify the technical assets that make up discrete business products and services and to align the acquisition and maintenance costs with the value of their business outcomes. DAGs’ Technical Business Management advisors can use this data to optimize value and minimize capital expense.


Use Cases

TFORM is a suite of tools and analytics that represent the answer to several common technical concerns. The use cases represented on this page provide a means of understanding TFORM as a suite of interrelated modules that combine to offer a synergistic approach to technology management

Be sure to visit our White Paper Library to learn of the methodologies and best practice approaches that the TFORM Enterprise Suite and our Advisory Services work in concert to achieve spectacular results

Enterprise Discovery

Enterprise discovery is the foundation TFORM. The TFORM discovery engine is quickly deployed within the environment which is typically comprised of physical and logical systems deployed on-premises and public cloud. The TFORM discovery engine deploys without cumbersome agents to collect the most detailed library of data attributes for both the composition and configuration of the physical and virtual devices in the environment. The TFORM engine interrogates that hardware stack and the network stack to gather allocation and utilization statistics as well as the communication patterns to collect port and protocol information among conversation pairs. TFORM uses this information to provide a detailed and objective visualization of the environment.


Vulnerability Identification

Our Vulnerability Assessment Engine leverages our intensive asset discovery to detect assets and scan their associated configurations for comparison with the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for assessment, prioritization and remediation recommendations. Our clients utilize TFORM vulnerability scanning as an integral part of their comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework.

Application Dependency Mapping

Our Application Dependency Mapping is designed to collect the relevant configuration records of an application or systems and maintain a relationship between those records. These records include the physical and logical infrastructure as well as the data and application services. Most importantly, TFORM identifies the upstream and downstream dependencies of these components in order to accurately depict the application for that applications instantiation in migration, business continuity and compliance planning.


Business Impact Analysis

TFORM collects asset, configuration, and entity-relationship details to accurately identify the composition of a business system and to define the potential impact of a disruption or degradation of service within a component or entire system


Cloud Maturity Assessment

Given its economic and productivity benefits, every organization is leveraging cloud in one way or another. IT Executives straddle the line between their monolithic legacy IT systems and the ever- increasing benefits of cloud services. The challenge for many is to understand the portability of their existing systems to the cloud where they can reap the benefits of agile consumable components that can be created and destroyed with a minimum investment and minimal effort. A Cloud Maturity Assessment determines the current state of maturity of an organization to utilize data and information in an advanced manner. TFORM collects the data that IT Leaders need to evaluate the construction of their current systems as well as the intercommunication between systems. Our seasoned technologists can determine whether a system can simply be rehosted to a more elastic cloud solution or if that system may need refactoring to make us of cloud-native features. Finally, the system may simply be retired in favor of a new service offering that offers agility, functionality, and performance that cannot be matched by the existing system.