Eliminate manual intervention in reporting with an automated, continuous discovery and monitoring solution that allows you to generate reports on demand.

  • Does your IT environment have every tool imaginable performing different functions from discovery, to monitoring, application dependency and utilization?
  • What more system performance and vulnerabilities?
  • How easy is it for you to pull reports from these disparate toolsets and how confident are you on the quality and accuracy of these reports?

TFORM is built for optimum functionality in a hybrid digital infrastructure environment. Its blend of ITOM, ITSM, ITAM and CMDB feature sets allows it to integrate with any toolset that exists in your IT environment and pull the relevant data that enables strategic, accurate accounting and reporting of assets, inventory, utilization and dependencies across the different layers of the IT network.

Asset accountability and interdependencies.

  • Do you know everything you have in your data center and how it is all connected?
    The lightweight footprint of TFORM enables seamless day to day background discovery and reporting to take place with minimal impact to IT resources be it personnel or infrastructure.

Personalized reports and alerts for various levels of users creates a digital experience that allows informed collaboration between ITOps, DevOps and SecOps. Eliminating the chances of active projects breaking part of the system and leaving teams fumbling in the dark as to how to fix the problem.

Are you looking to justify ROI in your data center investment?

Infrastructure/application Interdependencies and asset discovery at its most rudimentary level allows for ITOps to make strategic and cost effective decisions about licensing, scaling and migration projects in any hybrid IT environment.

Value of TFORM:

  • Detailed asset and inventory reporting management – Avoiding paying for resources deployed and not being used
  • Improved utilization of existing tools by identifying systems missing necessary agents to collect data – avoid wasted resources (licenses, people, HW, etc.)
  • Complimentary reporting into existing CMDB’s and other IT tools that exist in your IT environment.
  • Eliminates most manual reporting as its continuous environment assessment and reporting is available on demand
  • Scaling and decommissioning factually supported by asset and interdependence reports – Accuracy of billing for resources used
  • Automation of tasks/ reporting freeing up time for skilled personnel to focus on other mission critical projects