TFORM poised to provide the most comprehensive view of a hybrid I.T. environment

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IRVING, TEXAS — TFORM today announced the launch of its new data center and workload assessment solution by the same name, which provides the most comprehensive view of any IT environment, whether on premises or in a public or private cloud. This unrivaled capability creates a new category of data center analytics that will fundamentally change how technology leaders achieve workload optimization and digital transformation and modernization.

Stoney Gwitira, COO at TFORM, said, “After assessing the data centers of so many companies over the years, we’ve learned that many leaders feel a lack of control simply because they don’t know everything that is in their data centers. They can’t see the vulnerabilities that are lying in wait to disrupt business. They can’t see how their applications and devices depend on one another. TFORM solves these problems.”

TFORM is a proprietary engine with an agentless, organic discovery that finds all the needles in the IT environment haystack. The result is unmatched visibility and context that empowers better decision-making.

Asked about how TFORM was conceived, CEO Andy Abbas explained, “TFORM is the culmination of many years of migrating client environments using third party tools that were not optimized for assessing data centers with complex or legacy configurations.” He added, “The discovery tools we once used were not organically discovering and omitting data that was crucial to the IT environment, so we decided to build our own.”

Tech expert and renowned industry analyst Bill Kleyman adds, “Ultimately, this is a master tool…to sort through the vast array of data flowing through a network. What makes TFORM unique is the visualization and control you have over the data flow. Unlike other platforms, this solution will allow administrators to granularly and contextually understand where data resides and how it interacts with internal systems.”

The first application to sit on the TFORM platform is the data center and workload assessment module, to be quickly followed by the second module, an end-user computing digital workplace automation solution to be available in Fall 2020.


TFORM is a Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) foundation for technology applications that bring visibility, intelligence and automation to everything in an IT environment. See everything you have, it’s health, where it’s operating, how it’s connected and who owns it. Know when to retire, consolidate or migrate workloads and assets based on utilization and inter-dependencies. Quickly address vulnerabilities, enabling you to successfully mitigate business risks. Monitor all of this – from one dashboard. Using advanced analytics, TFORM pulls together disparate data sets, transforming them into actionable intelligence. Further, TFORM automates the many tasks needed to act upon the intelligence it delivers. TFORM simplifies modernization and operations by combining compute, storage, network, security, migration and optimization into one solution.