The TFORM Platform

Know Your IT Environment Like Never Before

TFORM Brings a New Level of Precision, Clarity and Security to IT Asset Management

TFORM’s powerful Data Quality Management platform is the answer to blind spots that impact optimal business operations and often hide vulnerabilities in IT asset management.

The TFORM platform gives customers the most up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive view of their IT operations, delivering valuable insights that can transform IT service delivery, improve security posture, streamline operational processes and drive substantial business value.

Why Your Business Needs TFORM

Here’s what can truly drive success across all areas of your business: a well-maintained and accurate IT asset management system. In other words, a reliable, single source of truth the IT sector knows as a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
The Problem?

Inaccurate data and even inaccurate CMDBs are still a widespread issue for the vast majority of today’s organizations - despite all the investments the C-suite makes in various IT tools.

Bad data leads to bad outcomes

Bad data leads to diminished ROI, failed audits, wasted spending, poorly informed decision-making and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Is Your Business Being Held Back by Bad Data and an Unreliable CMDB?

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How TFORM Works to Transform Your Company’s IT Operations

TFORM uses a multi-step process to quickly and efficiently illuminate all IT assets, identify and map interdependencies and cleanse bad data at the source.

Here’s how the process works in 5 steps

  • TFORM’s Agentless E-Discovery captures an accurate snapshot of your IT infrastructure in a smooth, non-intrusive discovery process.
  • TFORM performs comprehensive scans across both on-premises and cloud environments.
  • TFORM Uses Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) to chart the interconnections between systems and applications, offering a holistic view of your IT infrastructure.
  • TFORM incorporates existing CMDB data, executing an automated, in-depth comparison using our proprietary 3-way correlation engine to highlight discrepancies through a detailed gap analysis.
  • TFORM helps pinpoint inconsistencies, identify attribute level variations and expose actionable insights.
  • TFORM’s comprehensive 3-way correlation covers missing devices, stale devices and discrepancies – all while updating your CMDB to near 100% accuracy
  • TFORM offers Detailed Collaboration by partnering closely with your asset management teams to meticulously update the CMDB.
  • TFORM provides Enhanced Precision to ensure your CMDB accurately mirrors the full spectrum of all your IT assets.
  • TFORM creates a Solid Foundation that enhances the integrity and utility of your CMDB, making it a trusted source of data for all IT operations.
  • TFORM transcends the CMDB by unifying and consistently authenticating data among crucial IT operational tools. Continuous monitoring through an automated auditing solution ensures ongoing maintenance.
  • One-time CMDB updates provide only short-term enhancement and cannot assure lasting accuracy.
  • TFORM proactively notifies technical teams of inaccuracies within the CMDB and other in-scope IT tools. It exposes gaps, acts as a vigilant watchdog to alert teams of discrepancies, and bypasses the need for reactive, periodic reconciliations.
  • Ongoing validation keeps tools accurate, empowering informed decision-making, optimizing operations, and reducing risk.

TFORM Benefits

Our comprehensive solution has enabled IT departments to transition from limited operational visibility and data issues to complete confidence in their data integrity. Its many benefits include:

Complete Asset Visibility

Addressing the Hidden Threat

Creating a Unified Truth

Don’t Wait! Secure Your Business, Secure Your Future Today

TFORM maximizes ROI by enhancing utilization of existing tools, automating expensive manual processes, avoiding millions in wasted spending on licenses that are no longer in use, and providing strategic insights for better decision making.

TFORM also helps organizations mitigate significant financial risks by enhancing security and compliance, preventing potential losses from security incidents that can average $4.35M per incident.

Are you a CEO, COO, CIO, CTO or a key decision maker? Does your business depend on the decisions you make? If so, this is your opportunity to make a mark that is going to stand the test of time. No matter what you’re facing right now, bringing precision, clarity and security to your company’s IT asset management is your ticket to better decision-making, smooth IT service delivery, and growth. Take control of your future with TFORM.

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