If you want to MANAGE the Enterprise You need to SEE the Enterprise

TFORM is an HDIM (Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management) application that provides real-time insights and automation that detects and resolves typical IT issues, enabling IT Ops teams to monitor and track events, reduce risk, optimize their data center and cloud environments in real-time.

TFORM offers the most detailed insights needed for transitions, transformations, and trending data. TFORM understands dependencies within the data center, systems, and applications. Supporting key processes such as change management and service desk ticketing by integrating bi-directionally with a variety of CMDB and ITSM systems, providing important data related to system capacities, device quantities and compliance against a library of known vulnerabilities. In addition to that real-time integration, TFORM can ingest data from common CMDB and ITSM systems for comparison to the monitored assets and to identify drift from known quantities and configurations. incidents, and get insights for how to resolve network issues and work proactively and collaboratively across silos and invoke cross-domain (i.e., multi-cloud, on-prem) monitoring/assurance/visibility.

Your data in Focus

When data is presented in context, you have eagle eyed visibility for both the details and the bigger picture. No longer make decisions based on feeling and intuition; rather, know for certain with a sole source of data and truth. Aggregate data from disparate toolsets to tell one story in one view.

Improve Efficiency & Minimize Costs

IT leaders navigate how to improve efficiency, productivity, and security all while reducing costs. The reality is most companies overpay for tools and services that rely too heavily on human labor. TFORM uses intelligent technology to get the most out of the existing resources you rely on.

You need to simplify your toolset to improve efficiency, productivity, and security. Bonus: It also allows you to reduce your costs by reducing single-use tools that do not provide elevated levels of interoperability allowing you to get a clear picture of your IT Ecosystem without having to touch multiple pieces of software. TFORM uses intelligent technology and integrations to get clearest picture of your Ecosystem with the least amount of human intervention needed.

Our Story

Before our seasoned DAG technologists created TFORM, we held positions in every facet of the management and administration of technology. Through that broad perspective, we recognized the complexity of trying to gather and disseminate data in a way that was meaningful to every level of the technical spectrum from system administrators to technology managers and IT and Business Executives. Managing technology is a constant struggle to audit the technical ecosystem for the benefit of administrators and to collect accurate, real-time data that managers and executives can use to make meaningful, data-driven decisions. To accomplish this, technologists are required to analyze, learn and deploy multiple data collection tools and then reconstruct that data in multiple formats to meet the needs and expectations of managers and executives. We recognized the need for a single tool to establish a baseline view of the environment and identify changes to quantities, capacities and vulnerabilities, most organizations need to research, deploy, test and integrate multiple solutions and develop complex reports and dashboards.



Our mission is to empower our customers with the crucial data they require to manage the modern technical ecosystem. TFORM has become a vital intelligence engine for the modern data center. TFORM has evolved with the needs of our customers and continues to adapt to meet the demands and expectations of the industry.



Our vision is that TFORM acts as the single source of truth in the modern data center. By employing its robust discovery modules and coupling that data with the analytical modules for vulnerabilities and affinities, we see TFORM becoming an instrumental element of a well-understood and actively managed technical landscape. TFORM can be deployed in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration with the same consistent understanding and visualization of the underlying components and configurations that are used to achieve the business mission.